A Few Movies

I've been thinking about movies that have really stuck with me, and I noticed that while the majority of them are well known, there are a few lesser known ones I thought I'd write about.

Girl Asleep

I really hate this title, but the movie is top notch. It's a simple and sweet coming of age story with wonderful magical realism and artistic takes.

Girl Asleep (2015) - IMDb

Life Is a Miracle

This is a wonderful movie in Serbian which tells a beautiful and classic Romeo and Juliet style tale of a Serb's relationship with a Bosnian Muslim woman. The acting and music are both fantastic, but the best part is the beautiful shots of scenery, food, and gorgeous human beings.

Life Is a Miracle (2004) - IMDb

No Men Beyond This Point

Mockumentary. Are men unecessary? Well, currently, no - without sperm there are no babies. But what if women didn't need men to reproduce? This very serious movie shows exactly what would happen with perfect realism. WARNING: This movie is cis-normative.

No Men Beyond This Point (2015) - IMDb